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We are undertaking a lot of work with the children to help them understand what they need to do to become successful learners. The four learning behaviours are CONCENTRATION, CO-OPERATION, RESILIENCE and PERSEVERENCE. Please read the attached document to see what the children have to learn in order to develop the necessary qualities to succeed.


The animals shown have been chosen by the children for the following reasons.


  • The lion has to concentrate in order to catch his prey.
  • We need to develop a thick skin like the crocodile in order to become resilient
  • Ants work as a team and co -operate to achieve amazing things. On their own they can do very little.
  • The elephant works hard and does not give up when he needs to do something. He keeps doing it until the task is complete.


The animals are a pictorial reminder of each learning behaviour and how it will help them whilst they are working.