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Clubs and Activities 
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are unable to offer any clubs at the moment. We will be looking to review the situation in the new school year.

We have several outside organisations who use our hall before or after school to offer different activities to our children. Please use the school hall door to meet children or drop them off unless otherwise stated.


The organisers take full charge of allocating places and making the necessary arrangements with parents. The school's involvement consists of informing parents about booking forms for the clubs which are then returned to school for the organisers to collect. Some companies give you the option of paying them directly.


Please note that where a club is run by outside providers, school will not be able to give you information and you should deal directly with the club leader. Please contact the organisers directly on their contact numbers if you have any queries about dates and times as the school office will not have the information you need. If your child is going to be absent from a club, or you are delayed at the end of the day please contact the organisers directly. 


Please see the booking details to confirm the times of these clubs in case of change and please keep a copy of all contact details and dates when clubs start and finish.