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Coffee & Conversation

Coffee and conversation is an opportunity for the school to gather the views of parents and consult them to help positively move the school forward.


All are welcome for a drink and a chat in the Rainbow Room for half an hour.


We aim to start at 9 a.m.and will set out areas for discussion from our school priorities or from items that parents might have told us they would like to explore. 


Our next coffee and conversation date:



Enhancing Outdoor Play

Meeting: 28th September 2019

Hosts: Mrs Ireland and Mrs Govier

Theme: The importance of outdoor play as part of our learning!


20 or more parents joined Mrs Ireland and Mrs Govier for coffee and talk through how they could help to improve the play facilities in the main playground so we can use it as part of our continuous learning and also so playtime is far more purposeful.


The ideas were endless and excellent. Offers of help and suggestions of how we could involve the whole community 'flowed'.


We need 

  • tall 'straightish' branches with sharp bits smoothed out - to allow children to make dens up against the fence
  • logs that can be used to sit on or as part of the large construction area
  • planks of wood  as part of the large construction area
  • milk, bread crates,
  • tyres - large and small to make gardens, play areas and to use as part of the large construction area
  • large role play - old car seats, a bumper, steering wheels
  • dressing up clothes
  • kiddies plastic chairs, plastic food, play cutlery and crockery.
  • plastic piping [ the sort used for plumbing] , plastic tubing, funnels, kitchen sieves, colanders,  plastic containers of different shapes and sizes - for a water play construction [see Pintrest!]
  • old saucepans, saucepan lids, wooden spoons, hand whisks, to bang and scrape to make music!
  • duplo base boards- to stick on the wall and duplo to use with them.
  • sacks of pebbles, gravel or compost to fill the tyres and use in the woodland
  • natural goods like conkers and acorns, 


If you cannot help out with these things we hope you can come and help us put the areas together or maybe you have a tow-bar and trailer, large car or van and could collect resources for us.


Some people have asked if they can be parent helpers working /playing with the children outside. Great idea!


Below are some photographs so you can visualise what we want to do.