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Enrichment Activities- Increasing Cultural Capital

Enrichment –During their time at South Green Infant and Nursery School your child will have the opportunity to:

Receive certificates in assembly,

Play musical instruments,

Experience live music and theatre performances,

Learn to ride a bike,

Be a performer in a year group concert,

Visit an art gallery, theatre or museum,

Become leaders and make decisions as a school councillor,

Work with a professional artist,

Take part in interactive shows – theatre, magic, science,

Try something different – join a new club,

Show compassion for others –raise funds for charities,

Take part in competitive sports,

Dance with their friends at a disco,

Taste cuisine from around the world,

Visit the beach,

Perform for the community at Christmas,

Experience sports they may not have tried,

Have fun at a Christmas Bazaar and receive a gift from Father Christmas,

Visit local places of worship,

Feed young animals at a farm,

Exhibit a piece of your artwork,

Take home a plant that they have grown from seed,

Grow and eat food from our school garden,

Become a brilliant baker,

Collect a yearly birthday sticker at their own special birthday assembly.


In our school we have a really good range of clubs , most of which take place after school although some are morning or lunch time clubs.

There are different clubs available for different year groups at different times of the year.

Some of the clubs which are taken by coaches from other organisations have a cost.

Most clubs will last for a half term.

We ask our children regularly which activities they want and as far as possible we try to arrange them so that there is something for everyone!

The type of clubs on offer are designed to meet a wide range of interests from sporting clubs, music, craft and games.