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Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities- Increasing Cultural Capital

Enrichment –During their time at South Green Infant and Nursery School your child will have the opportunity to:


Receive certificates in assembly,

Play musical instruments,

Experience live music and theatre performances,

Learn to ride a bike,

Be a performer in a year group concert,

Visit an art gallery, theatre or museum,

Become leaders and make decisions,

Take part in interactive shows – theatre, magic, science,

Try something different – join a new club,

Show compassion for others –raise funds for charities,

Take part in competitive sports,

Dance with their friends at a disco,

Taste cuisine from around the world,

Visit the beach,

Perform for the community at Christmas,

Experience sports they may not have tried,

Have fun at a Christmas Bazaar and receive a gift from Father Christmas,

Visit local places of worship,

Feed young animals at a farm,

Exhibit a piece of your artwork,

Take home a plant that they have grown from seed,

Grow and eat food from our school garden