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Our school is keen to encourage new governors. Please watch out for the information and nomination forms for when a governor post becomes available. We are especially keen to recruit anyone with  IT, project management or financial skills. However we will be pleased to hear from you with or without those skills!


Our meetings are at 4.00pm and in general, there are three full Governing Body meetings per year and three committee meetings per year, so two meetings per term each lasting up to two hours.


We would be pleased to talk to you and give you more information if you would like to get in touch using the link below.

Governor Attendance

Governors are expected to attend Two Full Governing Body meetings each term. There is an additional meeting to set the school budget annually. Each meeting has either a focus on curriculum and pupil related issues or on resources. In total there are seven meetings [including the budget meeting] per year.

Governors are volunteers and there are times when they are unable to attend a meeting. Where this is the case a reason is always sent with their apologies and the meeting decided whether to accept their apologies. Often the reason is an unexpected work or child-care issue so their absence is unavoidable.

Governors are able to support the school in many ways both practical and theoretical so a governor can be supporting the school through other ways even when they cannot attend a meeting. Non - attendance at meetings does not necessarily mean that a governor is not committing to their role in school. They are always working in the background and are very much appreciated by staff and parents.


South Green Infant & Nursery School

 Statement of Governance


What is the role of the Governing Body?

Strategic – The governing body sets the general direction of the school, looking at how best it should develop. This is done by reviewing and agreeing policies and targets, and monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives. Strategic thinking is not always linked with curriculum and it does not mean just responding to weakness.

Critical Friend – The governing body works with the head teacher to create a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing a school. The governing body is able to question and challenge and this is achieved in a positive manner.

Accountable - A school is, in some ways like a business and its stakeholders are the pupils, their parents and the wider community. The governing body uses its collective skills and experience to benefit the pupils. It gathers views, asks questions and decides what is best for the school. The governing body is accountable to its stakeholders for the school’s performance.

Headteacher - The head teacher is an ex- officio which means that they do not need to be elected onto the governing body. They automatically become a school governor because of the office they hold.

Meet the Governors


Chair of Governors

Trust Governor: Mr J Horspole

I have been a Governor at the school since January 2000 when my eldest son was in the school. He is now 19 and my other 3 sons have also gone through the school - the youngest is now in year 4. Being a Governor at the school is special to me as I am actually an ex pupil and it is really good to still be involved in a school that I have so many fond memories of. I have had the privilege of being The Chair of Governors for the last few years and look forward to continuing to be involved with the school in the future. I am also a governor at the Junior School which helps towards the cohesion between the schools.

Trust Governor: Mrs J Baker

I have been a governor at South Green for over 10 years. I am a Management Consultant in the Civil Service and currently training to become a qualified Performance Coach. I am known by the members of the Governing body for my love of travelling (picture of me in New Zealand) and am often juggling work, school governor meetings and my holiday dates to fit it all in. I bring business experience/consultancy skills to the governing body and, as an ex Inspector of Local Authorities, I have experience of what inspectors look for - which helps when we 'welcome' OFSTED into our school!

Parent: Mr Chris Glover, Vice Chair
Parent: Mr Wright
Parent: Mr Norman
Parent: Mr Cubbin
Local Authority: Mr J Petherick

Co-opted : Mrs S Cuff

Co-opted: Mrs D Santos

Co-opted: Miss P Weekley


School Governor: Mrs Gray, Headteacher

Staff Governor: Mrs Govier, Deputy Headteacher


Associate Governor: Mrs Woods, Business Manager 



To contact our governors please e-mail

Governors attendance & business interests 

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