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Reading Implementation


  • Texts are accurately matched to each pupil’s reading ability
  • Reading skills are clearly outlined in an age appropriate and progressive way so that the children’s reading is extended as they progress throughout the school
  • Reading skills are taught in all subject areas so that our children realise that reading is important across the curriculum
  • Sequenced lessons ensure that prior learning is checked and built upon; teachers use big books, individual reading, group reading and whole class reading to teach a range of skills and techniques which enable the children to comprehend the meaning of what they are reading and develop their understanding of the vocabulary used by the authors. The children are taught strategies for understanding texts and improving their comprehension skills (sequencing, vocabulary, inference, prediction and retrieval)
  • Lessons are adapted and developed for disadvantaged and SEN pupils
  • Reading books are sent home on a regular basis, all children are encouraged to read at home every evening; the children will take home one reading book that is accurately matched to their reading ability and one book which is intended to be shared as a family. They are given opportunities to write in a diary to record their reading habits; these are celebrated in class. Children who do not receive support at home receive these opportunities in school
  • Each class has a basket of carefully selected “Star Books”. Nursery have ten good quality, creative texts which are engaging and language rich; these will be shared consistently throughout the year. Reception also have these ten books and will introduce ten more; Year 1 have these twenty books and introduce ten more; Year 2 have thirty familiar books and will introduce a further ten. This ensures that all children are exposed to a variety of high quality texts that they can share and enjoy and use to model their own writing. These books include classic and modern texts and authors


  • The school has an inviting and excellent resourced library area. All children are encouraged to use the library at any time during the day and each class will visit at least once a week to enjoy the books available. The library gives children the opportunity to relax with a good book in a quiet area


  • Each classroom has an “irresistible” reading area which contains a selection of favourite story books, poetry and non-fiction books which are age appropriate and more challenging for children to have free choice of their reading matter. Opportunities are given for children to enjoy and share books with their friends.


  • Every class participates in at least one shared story session per day where a high quality text is shared; this may include stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction texts.


  • Books of interest are used in all areas of the classroom and the wider school


  • The school subscribes to “Bug Club”. These books are used to enhance lessons but the children also have access at home. The books are carefully selected by the class teacher to match their phonic ability and encourage a range of skills and techniques to support their understanding and enjoyment of reading in a fun and exciting way