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Reception Admissions 2022/23

Welcome to our new Reception Admission 2022/23 page

We will be adding information to this page to help families with the admissions process for children starting Reception (Primary Education) in September 2022

Content will be added over the next few months so come back and visit us.

Starting School

To ensure the successful induction of children into our school, they will attend:


Week commencing Monday 5th September 2021 - morning only. 

Week commencing Monday 12th September, children will attend morning session and lunch.

Week commencing Monday 20th September, children will attend school full time



PE Kit

Children will come into school wearing PE kit on their PE days. PE days will be given out on the first week back.


Pencil Cases

Please do not provide your child with a pencil case as they will not be able to use it. The school will provide all of the pencils, colouring pens/crayons etc that your child will need. 


Have a great summer and please stay safe.


School attendance policy

Taking holidays in school time

Days off for holidays, birthday treat etc are not permitted and will be marked as unauthorised absence.

Welcome Meeting

We would like to invite you to a welcome meeting on Wednesday 29th June at 6pm. This meeting is for parent/s to attend without children.


At this meeting you will be given more information about the school and an admission pack with forms that need to be completed and returned to school. We will also need to see the following documentation

  • Original copy of your child’s birth certificate (we are unable to accept copies)
  • Proof of your child’s address (medical/hospital  letter, child benefit letter, child bank /saving account, immunisation letter )
  • 2 x Proof of parents address (recent utility bill, driving licence, bank statement [within the last 3 months], Council Tax letter)


To avoid unnecessary administration please bring all these documents

to the welcome meeting.


Where there is reasonable doubt of the validity of a home address,

the school reserves the right to undertake additional checks.

Failure to provide all documentation requested will prevent admission to the school

until provided.



Meet the Teacher

There will be an opportunity for your children to visit the school on Tuesday 5th July between 10.00-11.00am to meet the class teacher and explore the classroom.


School place offers

Offers will be sent to online applicants by email on Tuesday 19 April 2022. If you applied online, you can log into your account to see your allocation.

*The Essex County Council online application system is now closed*


The closing date for applications will be on Saturday 15th January 2022

Offers of school places with be sent by Essex County Council on National Offers Day, Tuesday 19th April 2022. 


It is highly recommended that parents/carers put the priority admission area school as one of their options, otherwise there is a risk of being allocated a school outside of the preferred locality.  


There is no guarantee of a place for children living within the priority admission area or for those children who attend South Green Nursery.


Parents can check in which school's priority admission area (catchment area) their address is located using this link.


In the event of oversubscription, places will be allocated in accordance with our admission policy.

Published Admission number: 60

  1. Looked After Children (in accordance with the Education [Admission of Looked After Children] Regulations 2006).
  2. Children living in the priority admissions area with a sibling attending South Green Infant or Junior school at the time of entry.
  3. Other children living in the priority admissions area.
  4. Children living in the geographical area of Billericay (as defined) with a sibling attending South Green Infant or Junior school at the time of entry.
  5. Other children living in the geographical area of Billericay (as defined).
  6. Children living outside the geographical area of Billericay (as defined) with a sibling attending South Green Infant or Junior school at the time of entry.
  7. Remaining Applications.


The following should also be noted:

  • A child with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Educational Health and Care Plan that names South Green Infant School will be admitted irrespective of the admissions criteria.
  • In the event of over-subscription within any of the above criteria in the normal admission round, priority will be determined by straight line distance measured from the address point of the home to the address point of the school, with those living closest being given the highest priority. Distances are calculated by the Local Authority, as defined in the Primary Education in Essex booklet, by use of a Geographical Information System which accurately measures the distance from the home address to the school. On any occasion where there are two applicants with an identical distance competing for a single place the governing body would offer the place to one applicant on the basis of lots drawn by a governor not involved in admissions.
  • Exceptional medical reasons may override other admission criteria if supported by medical evidence. The medical reasons should be in relation to the child and should be clearly stated on the application form. To demonstrate the medical need of a child which can most appropriately be met at the preferred school medical evidence from an appropriate professional will be required. The panel, on the advice of the Community Health Authority, will decide whether the evidence provided demonstrates that it is necessary for the school to admit the child on medical grounds as no other local school would be able to meet the specific medical need.


Withdrawal of an offer

If a school place has been secured by providing false information or in error, the offer of a place may be withdrawn.


All appeals are handled by the statutory appeals panel through Essex County Council (ECC)

Procedure for handling late applications, the operation of the waiting list and mid year transfer will also be in accordance with the Essex County Council admission arrangements.

*School Tours are now closed*

From Monday 5th October until Thursday 4th November, a member of our team will be available to show prospective parents our school. Tours will take place on Mondays and Thursday in timed slots between 3.30pm - 4.30pm. Booking is essential.

Please contact our school office to book on 01277 651478 between 10am - 3pm