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There may be times when parents become concerned about their child's development. If this is the case please come in and talk to the class teacher. We can involve our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator [SENCo] Mrs Jackson and discuss ways to help accelerate progress.


There is also a parent helpline provided by Educational Psychology if you are concerned that your child is not learning at the same rate as that of his/her peers and that more specialist support may be required. Details are posted below.

If you are expecting your child to attend South Green Infant & Nursery but they are currently  pre-school and you know they are going to need specialist support or think they are not meeting the developmental age related milestones please contact us.


The earlier we know about a child's needs, the earlier we can put things in place. In school there are a number of interventions we use as part of everyday learning but if we need specialist support or a child needs to have extra funding in order to ensure they can access the curriculum, the process to get that support can take over a year.


It is therefore vital that the school knows early so we can start the process of collecting evidence to show what support is needed.



At South Green Infant and Nursery School our aims for SEND are: 

  • Early identification and intervention for SEND to ensure that progress and opportunities are maximized. 
  • Access for all children to a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to enable them to understand the relevance and purpose of learning. 
  • An accessible learning environment tailored to the individual needs of all pupils.
  • To develop children’s independence and life skills. 
  •  Regular monitoring of the progress of children with SEND, using a child-centered approach. 
  •  To provide good quality and relevant training for all staff members supporting children with SEND. 
  •  To work in partnership with parents and carers. 
  •  To work closely with external agencies and other professionals to support our families and develop our provision for children with SEND. 




At South Green Infant and Nursery School, every teacher is a teacher of children with SEND. Inclusion is a thread that runs through every area of the school enhanced by collaboration between the senior leaders, teachers, support staff, external agencies, parents and most importantly, the child.  

 At South Green Infant and Nursery School, pupils with SEND will: 


  • Be included in all aspects of school life.  
  • Be provided with quality first teaching, differentiated to their needs.
  • Be respected and their contributions valued and celebrated.


At South Green Infant School and Nursery, pupils with SEND may: 


  • Have specific 1:1 or small group intervention to support their Phonics, Maths, Literacy or speech and language learning. 
  • Take part in social and emotional support interventions such as SMART thinking, or Lego Therapy. 
  • Have additional support from our School counsellor. 
  • Be supported by external agencies such as Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Community Paediatric services or EWMHS to develop specific targets/programmes tailored to the child’s individual needs.




Through our high quality planning, teaching and provision and rigorous school systems children will:

  • Feel happy, safe and respected.  
  • Be respectful and supportive to each other.
  • Demonstrate high levels of engagement in activities, developing their speaking, listening and social skills.
  • Make good progress from their starting points. 
  • Have developed good independence and be enthusiastic about learning. 


SEND Information Report 2017

Parent Helpline - Educational Psychology

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