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Writing Impact


  • Our children enjoy their writing lessons and the opportunities that are made available to them; they are happy and confident to talk about their learning
  • Children at our school are proud of their writing achievements and love seeing their written work on display
  • From Nursery, our children complete a “Developmental Drawing” sheet each term, which demonstrates their name writing and drawing of themselves. These clearly show their starting point and how they progress from term to term
  • Our children enjoy experimenting with and using a wide range of vocabulary
  • Our children are able to write for different purposes and can use the features of different genres
  • The children are able to be independent in their writing using strategies taught to them and using the resources provided in their classrooms such as writing aids and Working Walls
  • Pupils respond to feedback
  • Presentation is valued and is of a high standard; most children leave able to write in a neat, cursive style
  • Regular moderations and progress meetings ensure progress is closely monitored and interventions are organised to support the progress of all pupils, including disadvantaged pupils