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Writing Implementation


  • Writing skills are clearly outlined in an age appropriate and progressive way so that the children’s writing is extended as they progress throughout the school
  • Writing skills are taught in all subject areas so that our children realise that writing is important across the curriculum
  • Sequenced lessons ensure that prior learning is checked and built upon;  teachers use shared writing, modelled writing and guided writing to teach a range of skills and techniques which enable the children to develop their own writing style using appropriate grammar, punctuation and ambitious vocabulary choices. These lessons also enable the children to make links, apply taught skills in a context and see a purpose to their writing
  • Teachers model the writing process daily and demonstrate the high standards expected of all children. This clearly shows the children that effective writing takes time and effort, and how important the editing process is. This scaffolds and supports children’s writing and makes expectations clear
  • Teachers display good examples of writing, these include from well-known authors, themselves, and the children in the class
  • Planning ensures a variety of genres are progressively taught, identifying the appropriate features but also revisiting grammar, punctuation and ambitious vocabulary from previous lessons
  • Direct, clear feedback is given during writing lessons
  • Each classroom has a Working Wall which is built upon and changed regularly to support the children to become independent in making choices to enhance their writing
  • The school employs a speech and language specialist who screens all children at the beginning of the reception year and then supports the staff and children during the year
  • Regular control and handwriting lessons are taught to support the children in developing a neat and cursive style
  • Lessons are adapted and developed for disadvantaged and SEN pupils