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Writing Intent


  • We intend to teach writing through a range of exciting stimuli including texts, film clips, artefacts, visitors and meaningful real-life and first hand experiences which we hope will excite the children and want them to record
  • We want to offer the children  rich, vibrant opportunities to develop and apply their writing skills across the curriculum
  • We want our writing lessons to be designed so that they are ambitious for all our children and ensure that our disadvantaged pupils have access to the same opportunities
  • We intend to provide all children with the basic skills which will ignite their enthusiasm to enable them to be successful writers. The writing process is to be modelled regularly so that pupils see the adults as writers and are surrounded by quality examples of writing
  • We intend to support the children to develop an awareness of the reader
  • We intend for our children to have regular handwriting practice to allow them to write with a neat, cursive and legible style
  • We intend to provide the children with opportunities to develop a rich vocabulary that will help them bring their own writing to life