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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs Ireland - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Govier - Deputy Headteacher and Year 2 Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Frederick - Nursery Teacher and EYFS Leader
Picture 4 Mrs Hutchings - Senior Leader and Year 1 Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Jackson - SENCO
Picture 6 Mrs Bleach - Reception Teacher in Hedgehogs
Picture 7 Mrs New - Reception Teacher in Foxes
Picture 8 Miss Steel - Year 2 Teacher in Owls
Picture 9 Mrs Andrews - Year 1 Teacher in Badgers
Picture 10 Mrs Wheddon - Year 2 Teacher in Owls
Picture 11 Mrs Callendar - Music Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Picton - Business Manager
Picture 13 Mrs Mitchell - School Secretary
Picture 14 Mrs Walker - Admin Support
Picture 15 Mrs Hodgson - KS1 LSA [SEND}
Picture 16 Mrs Gynn - Year 1 LSA
Picture 17 Mrs Wasdal - Nursery HLTA
Picture 18 Mrs Digby - Nursery HLTA
Picture 19 Mrs O'Cloughlin - Mid Day Assistant
Picture 20 Mrs Denham - Nursery LSA
Picture 21 Miss Crewe - Reception HLTA
Picture 22 Mrs Gough - LSA [SEND] & Nursery LSA
Picture 23 Mrs Hall - LSA
Picture 24 Miss Smith - LSA [SEND} & Mid Day Assistant
Picture 25 Mr Worboys - Caretaker





Mrs Wray

Year 2 Teacher in Owls


Mrs Navajas

Year 1 Teacher in Badgers

Mrs Lazarus

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brooks -Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Stenning 

Learning Support [SEND]

Miss Pass

Learning Support [SEND]

Miss Howchen

Learning Support [SEND]

Miss Dixey

Learning Support [SEND]  & Midday Assistant

Miss Judges -

Learning Support assistant [SEND]

& Midday Assistant


Miss Sanchez - Nursery Learning Support


Mrs Blaney

Learning Support and

Nursery Lunch Club

Mrs Beaney

Nursery Learning Support

Mrs O'Loughlin

Mid Day Servery Assistant 



Mrs Hone

Nursery Learning Support


 Miss Johnston

Mid Day Servery Assistant

Mrs Merritt

Mid Day Servery



Mrs Kamal -

 Mid Day Servery




Miss Cooper

Midday Assistant