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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs Ireland - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Govier - Deputy Headteacher and Year 2 Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Frederick - Nursery Teacher and EYFS Leader
Picture 4 Mrs Hutchings - Senior Leader and Year 1 Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Jackson - SENCO
Picture 6 Mrs Bleach - Reception Teacher in Hedgehogs
Picture 7 Mrs New - Reception Teacher in Foxes
Picture 8 Miss Steel - Year 2 Teacher in Owls
Picture 9 Mrs Andrews - Year 1 Teacher in Badgers
Picture 10 Mrs Wheddon - Year 2 Teacher in Owls
Picture 11 Mrs Callendar - Music Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Picton - Business Manager
Picture 13 Mrs Mitchell - School Secretary
Picture 14 Mrs Walker - Admin Support
Picture 15 Mrs Hodgson - KS1 LSA [SEND}
Picture 16 Mrs Gynn - Year 1 LSA
Picture 17 Mrs Wasdal - Nursery HLTA
Picture 18 Mrs Digby - Nursery HLTA
Picture 19 Mrs O'Cloughlin - Mid Day Assistant
Picture 20 Mrs Denham - Nursery LSA
Picture 21 Miss Crewe - Reception HLTA
Picture 22 Mrs Gough - LSA [SEND] & Nursery LSA
Picture 23 Mrs Hall - LSA
Picture 24 Miss Smith - LSA [SEND} & Mid Day Assistant
Picture 25 Mr Worboys - Caretaker





 Mrs Lazarus

Higer Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Blaney

Learning Support and

Nursery Lunch Club

Mrs Brooks -Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Stenning 

Learning Support [SEND]

Mrs Hone

Nursery Learning Support

Mrs Merritt

Mid Day Servery Assistant

Miss Cooper

Midday Assistant

Miss Pass Learning Support [SEND]



Miss Johnston

Mid Day Servery Assistant


Miss Judges -

Learning Support assistant [SEND]

& Midday Assistant

Mrs Beaney

Nursery Learning Support

Mrs O'Loughlin

Mid Day Servery Assistant 


Miss Dixey

Learning Support [SEND]  & Midday Assistant


Miss Sanchez - Nursery Learning Support  

Miss Curtis

Learning Support [SEND]

and Midday Assistant

Mrs Kamal -

 Mid Day Servery




Mrs Merritt

Mid Day Servery