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School Lunch Menu

School Lunch Menu

Spring 2024 menu

The catering team* prepare a selection of balanced healthy meals. Every child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to receive a free** nutritious lunch or can choose to bring a packed lunch from home. 

Monday is now meat-free Monday 

*Our meals are prepared in the kitchen at South Green Junior School. 

* *There is a cost to the school to provide these lunches so please do not order food that your child will not eat.

Our mission is to reduce food and financial waste in school.


All meals must be ordered through ParentPay 

We have to order all our children's meals

with the catering team a week in advance,

there is a cut when it will not be

possible to orders or alter your child's choices


ParentPay has advised it is best to use a PC or laptop where possible so that the whole week can be viewed and selections made easily. 


How to order meals

It's easy to log in to your ParentPay account, select Infant menu and choose your lunches. This link will help you order your lunches. Remember it's a 2 week rota.


Need help? 

If you have forgotten your username/password or need other help with ParentPay, there is support on their website please click here

Autumn 2024 Menu

We are currently waiting for the junior school (our catering provider) to provide us with an updated copy of the menu and weekly rotations.  The menu has not been changed but the menu will start on a week 2 in September.

***When we return to school in September, we will return on a week 2 menu***


Healthy Packed Lunch


This includes peanut butter, nut oils, Nutella, cereal bars, crepes

and other foods containing nuts.


We are a ‘healthy school’ and adhere to the Government standards and guidelines.

We ask parents to respect this when providing a packed lunch.


Children can have:

  • Sandwiches/rolls/wraps/pitta

     Cheese, Ham, Tuna, Egg, Salad etc  

          Please avoid chocolate spread and jams on a daily basis.

  • Vegetables cut into chunks sticks – e.g. carrot, cucumber
  • Cheese cubes - Avoid tubes of yoghurt and cheese products that need to be opened with scissors
  • Pasta
  • Plain cake or plain biscuits - Not chocolate covered
  • Pot of yoghurt - with their own spoon
  • Fruit – whole or pieces of fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • Bottle of water – no fruit juice, milk or squash.


Things to avoid:

  • Nuts - We are a nut free school
  • Processed Cheese - Dairylea or similar (high salt content)
  • Crisps or similar
  • Chocolate or chocolate coated snacks/cookies/bars/cakes
  • Fizzy and carbonated drinks


Children should be able to open all the packages themselves.